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Re: You now can create a League

By punisher
6/22/2017 1:05 pm
thread = https://cust10.myfootballnow.com/community/thread/1/3280?page=1#22152

Create a private league
Private leagues are leagues that have been created by users. Some features of private leagues are:
  • Choose whether the league will be listed in the directory

  • Choose the number of early free agency stages, late free agency stages, and preseason games.

  • Private leagues initialize as a standard league but act like custom leagues, so owners in your league will be able to customize their teams.

  • As the owner of the league, you may customize all teams before the first season. After the first season, you may customize all teams again but must use additional credits to do so.

  • You may choose to allow anyone to join your league, or you may require approval before ownership is given.

  • You may choose to allow unbalanced trades and trades where both owners are using the same IP address. As the league owner, you will also be able to void trades.

  • Leagues require a minimum ownership level of 50% to run each sim.

  • New leagues require 15 game credits to create.
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    Re: You now can create a League

    By punisher
    6/29/2017 9:15 pm
  • In user-created leagues, league owners can now: sticky threads, remove signup blocks (for owners who abandoned teams), delay the next sim, customize playoff game names, disable customizations by team owners, and remove owners from their league.

  • from this thread = https://cust84.myfootballnow.com/community/thread/1/3321?page=1#22398