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Please read!!

By ZootMurph
9/26/2013 10:46 pm
The first season is almost over. Please don't forget to renew your team! Let's keep this league going!!

Compared to other games, this game is very cheap. And also remember during September you get bonus credits, even if you just buy 5 credits. So please, buy some credits (you can afford $6.99!!!), and you get 5 credits, plus an additional 25. Plus, if you came here with through a referral link, you get another 10! So you basically get 40 credits, or 8 seasons, for $6.99.

Do it!!

Here's my referral link if you didn't use one. Create a new account, using my link, and buy some credits in September! You get a lot of seasons for $6.99! Plus, you get a chance to chart the direction of the game and to help make it a great game!


PS - If you don't want to use my referral link, use someone else's... use each other's link... get 8 seasons for $6.99!