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Double Wow, We win the championship

By Phinsfan
9/29/2013 10:12 pm
I've been playing football leagues on line for 7 to 8 years now I think, can't really remember and this is the first championship for me. Honestly I didn't do much as I was given a great team. Now more about the game and my thoughts while I watched the game.

This was a high scoring game and it seemed neither team could stop the other. There were so many times we had them 3rd and 10, 3rd and 12 and couldn't get a a stop, was killer in this game for sure. I thought this might be our doom. Leslie Ewing scrambling for big gains was also hard to stop.

The game was very exciting to watch as both teams went back and forth with great plays, drives to change leads. I never counted how many lead changes there were so not sure. The game had a fantastic finish and a heartbreak finish for Indy.

We had a lead 27-24 as the game was winding down with 3 to 4 minutes left when Indy drives from their 20 to take the lead 31-27 with 1 52 left in this offensive battle. I was thinking do we have one drive left in us.

We start from our 20, we drive down to the 34 and with 54 seconds left Bennie Alpert receives a short pass, gets a great block and bust loose for a 34 yard TD for the lead 34-31. I was wondering can we just hold on 1 time. Plenty of time for Indy to get a FG at least and tie this game up. We did hold on and time ran out.

The was a great game to watch, of course it was great for us as we won but any football fan would have enjoyed this game.

We finish our year to the championship beating 2 teams that had beat us in the regular season. We lost to Seattle and to Indy in the regular season. So that was a sweet way to win a championship.

GG to ColtCrazy tough way to lose man.

Re: Double Wow, We win the championship

By ZootMurph
9/30/2013 9:16 am