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Wildcard Round 2014

By Groo
12/17/2013 11:38 am
GG Tecra.

Played it close the whole way. Just into the two minute warning, we kick a FG to tie up the game... but you guys stormed back for a FG at the end of regulation to win it. I think home field advantage is very important. I guess, in the future, I'm going to have to crush Miami in the regular season in order to get some home games in the playoffs.

Good luck the rest of the way.

Re: Wildcard Round 2014

By Tecra031
12/17/2013 1:50 pm
GG Groo

Your team made me very nervous when I couldnt pull away. I thought we were going to OT or I was going to lose after that 80 YD strike tied it up. You have a good team here, both our matchups this season were hard fought.

Re: Wildcard Round 2014

By Phinsfan
12/17/2013 10:25 pm
shut out win against Carolina which is great as we advance.

Tough Tough road game against the 15-1 St. Louis team, be a miracle to win this one I think but we are playing well and pretty healthy so anything could happen

Re: Wildcard Round 2014

By oukjweather
12/18/2013 9:59 am
I'm expecting a tough game against a good Philadelphia team. Philadelphia will be one of the toughest teams my team has faced all season. A little banged up going into the game so its going to take a great effort from my team to pull out the win.