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Div Round

By Phinsfan
12/19/2013 11:33 pm
GG Oukjweather and congrats on a great season so far and looks to be better for your Rams. Very good team there. GL the rest of the way.

We were shut out in the 2nd half as the Rams forced 2 turnovers in our first 2 possessions, can't win a playoff game turning the ball over.

Re: Div Round

By oukjweather
12/20/2013 12:42 am
GG Phinsfan,

Those second half turnovers were just evening things out from our 2 first half turnovers. Interestingly we each had 1 fumble lost and each 1 interception. For the first half Philadelphia was putting up quite the fight, getting stops, and turnovers. A stellar second half performance from my team made this game look more out of reach than it actually was.

Re: Div Round

By Davesgang
12/20/2013 8:51 am
GG Tecra

WR Permentor was our difference maker.
Back and forth in the first half. Great team you've got there.
Congrats on the great season.