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Week 7

By Phinsfan
5/03/2014 9:13 pm
We had a crazy game with Seattle this week and we are fortunate to come out with a win. We start the 4th qtr with a 31-20 lead and feel pretty comfortable after we score a early TD to go up 38-20. Then the wheels almost came off as Seattle got hot. Seattle caused a couple turnovers and their offense got unstoppable as they score 21 straight to take a 41-38 lead.

We take the ball down to FG range and Oshea hits a clutch 54 yard FG to tie at 41 with 1:12 left and plenty of time for Seattle to respond. We get a key stop with a Seattle holding penalty that brought back an 80 yard TD. Coward returns the punt 30 yards and we are in business with 24 seconds left and on Seattle 38. We get a 34 yard pass and seal the deal with a FG to win the game.

Really fun game to watch unless your Seattle of course. On the edge of my seat for sure.

Thoth, sorry to welcome you to the league that way and your team played a Great Game. I'm sure we will meet in the playoffs and likely will be another crazy game.

GG Thoth