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Re: Philly block some excellent players

By Phinsfan
10/24/2013 10:23 pm
Part of being handed a great team that wins the bowl is not being able to keep all the great players, it's not financially possible although I can keep them for 1 more year if need be but then they would go to FA and we can battle for them there unless you want to improve your team now or didn't get what you wanted in the draft. These players are young and very close to full development so they will be good for many years to come. They are starter quality players so they will need to bring some pretty high draft picks. I'm expecting to get 1st round picks and some other picks tossed in for discussion. I will not give the players away I'll just keep them rather then give them away but I'm not going to ask for a ton of picks so now is a good time to talk with me if you want to get some of these players.

player list with ratings
#27 Leslie Coward - RB 58/79 edit I can sign him so expect to give a 1st + a pick or 2
#52 Avery Shibata - RT 54/74 I'd like a 1st but think a 2nd would do fine here. edit likely won't trade now
#68 Matthew Winter - DT 58/83 edit likely won't trade now
#55 John Montez - MLB 43/64 no 1st here just a 2nd round pick will work edit still available
#94 David Elliott - WLB 58/76 X
#39 Brian Garcia - CB 57/77 X
#48 John Reed - SS 70/98 X
#23 Roy Bates - FS 57/78 X

pm an offer, other players will likely require a 1st but it is worth an offer cause I may just take it


Edit 26 oct

#94 David Elliott - WLB 58/76
#39 Brian Garcia - CB 57/77
#48 John Reed - SS 70/98
#23 Roy Bates - FS 57/78
are gone in trade as indicated by bold with an X

I'll add players as they come available but most won't be traded now unless the offer is to good to pass.

new player added
#84 Daniel Morris - WR 53/73
#71 Daniel Goulette - RDE 45/67
Last edited at 10/26/2013 10:30 am

Re: Philly block some excellent players

By Phinsfan
10/26/2013 10:26 am
bump. new player added some traded. I'll make changes in the original post as they happen