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Choice of top RB available

By Phinsfan
1/07/2014 10:56 pm
Just as the ad says you can have a choice of either of my top running backs.

Gary Smith has been our primary starter so his stats would be higher but I believe both backs can be a successful start for you right away and the overall ratings are similar. So the backs available are
Gary Smith or
Leslie Coward

either or but not both of course. I'll trade them for a 1st rounder in this draft, if your draft pick is farther back in the 1st round I may need and extra pick to seal the deal but would n't be much.

I use the in game trade meter to judge a trade in case you want to weight your pick against the player do so with the meter and if its fair then I'll go for it. thanks


Re: Choice of top RB available

By Phinsfan
1/11/2014 3:00 pm
Bump to make a change.

still either back not both, but looking for a future 1st in any year instead of this draft.

with these players you won't have to wait for development time. that's why I think they are better then a first round pick this year or future years but I'm only asking for a 1st in any year.