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Philly Eagles Trade Block, many young players

By Phinsfan
8/03/2013 2:11 pm
I have an overall young team, so these guys have good future ratings. The picks are just a starting point and I would likely go 1 rd higher may go 2rd higher for a fut low rated player or I would consider a vet player in a trade. PM offers.

trade block
#45 Kenneth Schroder - RB 27/61 2nd rd
#80 James Carreras - TE 27/59 3rd rd
#89 Joseph Hudson - WR 32/59 2nd rd
#16 Marvin Hinojos - WR 31/50 4th rd
looks like a decent return man

#60 Timothy Kaplan - DT 32/54 4th rd
#66 John Pope - DT 23/50 4th rd
#71 Daniel Goulette - RDE 33/65 2nd rd
#53 Herbert Brooke - RDE 19/54 4th rd
#99 Parker Fahy - WLB 33/60 3rd rd

#75 Justin Bradley - DT 32/72
not sure i want to trade him, likely would look for a 1st rd possibly a 2nd + another late rd