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Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/17/2013 9:02 am
So far, we've been able to make several trades to improve our team. We've also done some free agency work, which hasn't been great, but we're in better shape now than when I took over the team.

In the first week of free agency, we dropped the backup punter and kicker, and signed CB Arthur Carter (37/56) to a 6 year, almost $4.9M deal. The punter and kicker allowed us to make room for more depth, and the Carter became our #1 CB, which immediately improves our weak secondary.

In the second week of free agency, we made our first big trade, getting two young starters on defense for our 3rd round pick this season, and our 2nd and 3rd round picks next season. DE Green 41/81 and DT Barker 40/70, will both be immediate starters, improving our defensive line. We released 6 more players who we felt we could get better players than in free agency, trades, and the draft.

Will continue to document our season later.

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/17/2013 7:15 pm
In week 3 of Free Agency, we trade our first round pick to Chicago for Running Back Joseph Miller (72/91) and Chicago's 2015 1st round pick. Didn't really know how well Crum would change into a RB, so we got a back who we know is good, and got a future 1st in the deal. Good deal for both teams, as Chicago gets a great, franchise type player, and we get a good RB and another 1st rounder. This upgrades our offense tremendously by giving us a go to player on offense.

We also sign LT Robert Nesbitt (29/59), CB Jason Beadles (42/55), CB Nicholas Smith (40/50), and TE Travis Becker (55/68). Nesbitt becomes our starting LT, and has very good blocking skills, but no other skills to work with. Beadles and Smith upgrade our CB corp (sad, isn't it, that guys this average are upgrades?). Beadles will be our #2 CB and Smith will be the #3 CB. And Becker is both a solid run blocker and speedy pass catcher at TE, which will give us another dimension on offense. We feel very fortunate to have gotten Becker.

We are very sad to miss out on G Lonnie Anderson, and even more sad that we lost out on him to divisional foe Carolina.

In Week 4, we are able to pull off one more trade, this time giving Indianapolis our 2nd round pick for WR Fred Agnew (51/71). This completes our triple threat of young players on offense, with Miller at RB, Becker at TE, and Agnew at WR.

During this week, we pick up RB Edgar Holmes (22/46), who will be our return man, FB Richard Pierce (28/55), QB Willie Aldridge (37/56), who will be our backup QB, and LG Norman Smith (46/65), who will be a very capable backup.

In Week 5 of Free Agency, we pick up some roster fillers... TE turned WR JImmy McGhee (23/57), SS Timothy Williams (29/42), and MLB Robert Gibbs (17/42). Wasn't Robert Gibbs part of the Rock n Roll Express tag team?

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/18/2013 6:53 pm
In Week 6, we try to fill out our roster by signing WLB Oliver Dean (27/46).

Hopefully, we can find a trade or two before the draft is over. If not, we'll fill out our roster through the draft and maybe find one or two additions in the post draft free agency period.

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/24/2013 6:37 am
Our 4th round pick is FS Donald Gard. We move him to SS where he will start, and move Tim Williams from SS to CB.

In the 5th round, the team tries to improve at RB by selecting Anthony Baker. We will put him in at #2 in the RB depth chart and see how he performs.

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/26/2013 4:34 pm
With our 6th round pick, we get WLB Michael Lee. We move him to SLB and he is 19/47 rated.

With our 7th round pick, we get SS Brian Winkler, who we move to MLB (15/42). He's a lightweight, but he'll be starting at MLB presently.

In Late Free Agency week 1, we don't sign anyone.

In Late Free Agency week 2, we sign rookie free agent WR John Chase 18/44. We sign him in the hope that he will be a boom guy. No other reason.

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/26/2013 4:38 pm
In Late Free Agency week 3, we make another big trade with Philadelphia. We trade our 2015 1st, 2016 1st, and 2016 2nd for 4 new starting players. SS John Reed (65/91), WLB David Elliot (56/74), FS Roy Bates (52/72), and CB Brian Garcia (48/68).

Good deal for us, since we get 4 new defensive starters, good deal for Philly as they drop some excess baggage and salary and get some draft bonuses. I'm feeling better about my team, but I'm still willing to do a little more trading ;)

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/28/2013 8:37 am
So far, through trades, we have 8 new starters on our team. This team was very very bad when I took over. Now, it's only bad, no verys :)

Starters we traded for:
DT Leonard Barker
LDE Raymond Green
RB Joseph Miller
WR Fred Agnew #2 WR
FS Roy Bates
SS John Reed
CB Brian Garcia
WLB David Elliot

While these deals make us better, we still are not a playoff caliber team. But, at least now we can compete. There was little chance to compete with the team we had... which is why we had the #1 pick in the draft this year.

My goal is to improve every year.

Re: Tampa Bay 2014

By BenS
10/30/2013 7:33 am
In the last week of free agency, we make a trade with Cincinnati for two depth players, CB Edward Beaver (45/60) and LDE Bill Evans (57/69). Beaver is very good in M2M, and although he is a bit slow, should be a good guy in coverage for us. Evans is a good pass rusher with good run defense skills. Should really add some depth to our DE corps.

After training camp, we try to upgrade our depth by signing several free agents:

TE Vincent Carlton (moved to FB) (21/48 at FB)
RDE Eric Chambers (41/54)
C Charles Weatherby (47/49)
RB Ronald Camper (37/54)
TE Daniel Ross (34/50)
LT James Chapman (moved to RG) (24/47 at RG)

So now, our roster is complete and ready for the season. I am expecting 6 wins this season. Hoping for 8.